Scientific Program

The sustainable production and management of energy is the only alternative for human society to guarantee both technological progress for the entire population and the preservation of the Earth’s resources for future generations. This challenge requires the integration of different technologies, in which electrochemistry plays a fundamental role because it allows the use of chemical or electrochemical energy vectors with the highest efficiency, as opposed to mechanical, thermal or gravitational systems.

The scientific programme will consist of various symposia covering the entire value chain of the technologies, from fundamental materials research to applied research and advanced modelling and characterisation techniques (in situ, in operando, etc.), from the development of laboratory-scale devices and their technological applications to the discussion of integrated systems at higher TRL, The sustainable formulation of innovative electrodes and safe, non-toxic, probably solid-state, electrolytes and components will be encouraged, with attention to their potential recycling/reuse, in order to reduce the impact of electrochemical technologies, also in terms of critical raw materials, and to reduce their carbon footprint. The themes reflect the increasing importance of electrochemistry in the advancement of modern society, as well as its fundamental and valuable contribution to human and natural resources in a circular economy perspective to achieve sustainable development goals for future global decarbonisation.